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Take Your Time

take your time

1. Running like a Cheetah in MLM doesn’t work. Breaking records mean NOTHING. This is about a team, not you. Cheetahs tire out and if you want to build a legacy you work steady not try to run super fast. If you do, you will just leave ALOT of dead bodies around that may have been someone if you paid attention to them.

2. Everything rises and falls on Leadership. You heard it in the Art Williams video, you heard it from John Maxwell, and you see it in every company in the world. Without the right leadership, good luck.

3. I only know 1 person in the entire world of network marketing that is the #1 income earner and the #1 recruiter… 1. Top earners in this industry don’t sponsor 500-1000 plus people, how do you train that many people? You can’t. How do you develop relationships with that many personals, you can’t. How do you build in depth with that many personals, you can’t.

4. If youre smart enough to combine online WITH offline, you can build a dynasty. I don’t know 1 person in the entire network marketing world that has built a successfull (keyword being succesful) network marketing business via 100% the internet. You have to build relationships with these people you meet online if you want to build a legacy. Now if you just want to sell affiliate products, thats different. But if youre BUILDING a network marketing business, it will take both.

5. You don’t have a business if you dont have customers. Let me repeat that. YOU DONT HAVE A BUSINESS IF YOU DON’T HAVE CUSTOMERS. You will not build a true residual income on just recruiting alone. Recruiting will ultimately slow down in EVERY organization so you need to make sure you have a sustainable customer model at the same time. As reps quit, “which some will NO MATTER WHAT COMPANY YOURE IN” if you have customers, they will stick. Just because a rep quit, doesn’t mean the customer quit with them.

I have never seen a call happen with a leader that went to another company who had 50 leaders and 300 customers on the same call saying he or she was moving to another company, it doesn’t happen.

Now I could get deeper, but I really don’t need to tonight. This is the beauty of stepping out of the picture frame for 7 months when youre the picture to be able to see some of these things. So with that, understand when you surround yourself around professionals that know these facts, your life will change. ‪


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Is It Really 2012??

Is it really here?? Did god allow you to read this and let you into 2012?? YUP AND YUP, I can’t believe it either, Im so dog on excited I don’t know what to do with myself. On the same token, the reason Im writing this blogpost today is an important one. I have a million dollar question for you. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO DIFFERENTLY IN 2012 THAN 2011? Stepping into a new year brings new challenges and successes. However, if you don’t have more successes in 2012, the challenges of 2011 will continue to haunt you.

Here’s A Few Things You Can Change…

Instead of focusing on just one goal this year, have a few. We as humans sometimes settle on just one thing when the world is truly our oyster. Sit back and dream a little for a change. What do you want to acccomplish financially, mentally, physically, religiously, and etc. Focus on all areas of your life to improve instead of one or two.

Have A Map…

Im sure you wouldn’t travel to Canada to a province that you have never been to without a map. So if thats the case, why travel thru life without one? It’s always alot better to have a map when it comes to hitting your goals. 2012 is an important year to you and your family, so treat it as such. There are numerous people, maps, and strategies that you can follow in 2012, but here’s a quick suggestion. Pay attention to people who have set goals and have HIT THEM! Follow people who are experts in this area and not a bunch of people who have just thrown together some junk for you to follow in 2012.

Check This Out…

This year, I have started my year off with a different goal setting strategy. Normally, on Dec 31st, I write down the things that I want to accomplish in the following year. This year, I accepted a challenge from the author of the best selling book… “The Compound Effect” Darren Hardy. Darren is also the editor of the top magazine “Success” and has focused a significant amount of time in the area of goal setting. He has a worksheet that Im following in 2012 that I have 0 doubt will have a positive effect on your life in 2012. I have read Darrens book, and I must say, the guy is a pure genius. So take this worksheet, apply it, every area of your life, and enjoy your 2012 to the fullest!!!


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cedrick harris Closing Tips

How to Close a Closer

This is a live video clip on a Training I did in Tampa Florida. The entire training was focused on Personalities. How would you like to know how to CLOSE a Closer into your business? How would you like to have a team of Cedricks in your downline? Well before you can sign people like me up, you’d need to understand what motivates me. If you want an A TYPE Personality in your business you need to think like an A TYPE Personality.

Watch this video and learn the secrets of Closing a Closer!

To Get Free Access to My Insider Training Tips That Will Allow YOU To Be a Master Closer Click the Link Below!

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Cedrick Harris Wins a Million Dollars in Vegas

Happy Monday Everyone. A million bucks in Vegas… pretty exciting isn’t it? If you attended the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas NV last month you probably saw my table of cash!

I don’t want to give too much away here because this is a video you need to see for yourself!

Click the video below and check out my winnings from the Sin City!

To Get $100 Bills Marketing YOUR Business Check Out the Link Below. It’s so Easy… It’s FUN!


Network Marketing Coach & Trainer

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cedrick harris Cedrick Harris Seminars Live Event News

Why See Cedrick Harris LIVE?

You’ve heard it said over and over again, the MAGIC happens at live events. If you want to BECOME a Top Income Earner you need to surround yourself with Top Income Earners. How did I become the Top Recruiter in my company? I went to more trainings, I went to every live event, and I soaked up every ounce of knowledge from the people that had the results I wanted.

I want to give you a little taste of what a Live Event with me is like and the kind of value you are going to get.

ATLANTA: A Serious Challenge to All the REAL Entrepreneurs. Do you think you could learn from a women who built a downline of 100,000 people? Do you think that the Top Personal Development coach on the planet could help you break through some barriers? Do you think that I might have a few things to teach you to help YOU be a better prospector and closer? Don’t make excuses as to WHY you’re not successful yet DO SOMETHING to change it. Register now to meet me LIVE in Hot Lanta!


If You’re Serious About Creating Wealth… Get Your Butt to Atlanta and Take the Steps to Explode to the Next Level!

Network Marketing Coach & Trainer
Phone – 813 321 7357

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Attraction Marketing cedrick harris MLM Lead System Pro

The Attraction Marketing Expert Cedrick Harris Talks About WHY ATTRACTION MARKETING WORKS.

I’m not the first one to say that you have to create a BRAND to make moves online. But why do some people still not seem to get it. No one is going to join you in business unless they see VALUE in partnering with you. What do you have to contribute to their success? What type of leader are you? What kind of Brand have you established?

So how do you build a stronger, more valuable brand? Listen to the late Jim Rohn who’s brand still echos strong in this industry even after he’s left this world:

“To get more than you have, You must become more than you are.” – Jim Rohn

Check Out This Video:

To Plug into a Play By Play System that Teaches You How to Brand YOU, How to Lead With Value, and How to Become an Internet Marketing Genius… Click the Link Below!

Network Marketing Coach & Trainer
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Are You Still Playing Pac Man in Your MLM Home Business?

We all love a good trip down memory lane… with some Donkey Kong and YES I  STILL OWN IT… Pac Man! The point I want to make today is with all the changes in technology, with people spending more time on the Internet than in front of their TV… you can’t still be playing Old School Pac Man. If you want to achieve real results in your MLM Home Business you simple must upgrade to the 21st Century and establish some sort of Internet presence.

Maybe you don’t know how to design websites, and the thought of creating an autoresponder and sales funnel is beyond your grasp. That’s why you need to plug yourself into a SYSTEM, where the capture pages and sales funnels and autoresponders are created FOR YOU… where you can TRAINING on all the latest Marketing Strategies and plug in with a community of Marketers that are willing to teach you what they know. If you haven’t looked at My Lead System Pro yet… CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

To Update Your Business to the Internet Age and Streamline Your Learning Curve By Partnering with the BEST Click the Link Below!

Network Marketing Coach & Trainer
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cedrick harris numis network

Numis Network Gives Coin Dated 300 BC to Cedrick Harris

AlexanderCoin01Imagine, the owners of your company making a huge announcement at the National Conference and pulling you up on stage. They then hand you a box, and in that box is your product… from 2500 years ago. WOW. For many of you, your product would probably be poison and seriously expired… but for Cedrick Harris, who’s product is Money… he was THRILLED.

Isn’t it cool to have a product that has been a staple in Humanity since Before Christ? Isn’t it cool to have a product that will last 2500 years and who knows what it could be worth in 2500 years. Isn’t it cool to be creating such a massive legacy… and getting paid at the same time? This just makes sense.

Take a look at this video and if you understand Trends in the Market place and you understand the importance of TIMING in business, it will make sense to you too.

So if you are ready to have an UNFAIR Advantage in the Network Marketing Industry by Marketing MONEY that Lasts FOREVER Click the Link Below!

ps. If you haven’t seen the video about the phone is his bathroom… CLICK HERE

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Cedrick Harris: I am Ready To Quit My MLM Business Today!

Good morning internet land. I had a skype message pop up yesterday from a team member of mine.  I will not bore you with all the negative details that the message was laced with, but I’ll give you the key points. She began to tell me about all of the little challenges she was having. Stuff like, can’t get my video to play, can’t figure out this html thing, don’t know how to load a capture right… Ok Ok… I will stop there.  Ladies and gents these are called entrepreneurial challenges, and we al deal with them. Learn how to let go, meaning fix with what you can and deal with what you can’t…Simple… This video is so, so powerful watch it and share this post with your team… Enjoy

To Finally Stop Struggling In Your Business and To Have Endless Amounts of Prospects Schooling Around You On a Daily Basis

Click the Link Below and Let’s Rock and Roll!

Network Marketing Coach & Trainer
Phone – 813 321 7357


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cedrick harris david wood numis network

Cedrick Harris and Team Takeover Have SERIOUS Numis Power!!! This is Energy.

This is a Team of ENERGY and Excitement. This intimate 3 Hour breakout session was smokin’ hot. At the First Annual Numis Network Convention, some COMMITTED Numis Reps got to pick my brain and the brain of David Wood! A Live Q & A with the two guys you want to take some lessons from. Look at the passion in this team. Why? Because we know that Numis Network is the most exciting Network Marketing company in the Industry right now.

It’s Money.

You WANT a Garage Full of it!

It just makes sense.

Check out Team Takeover on FIRE in the video below!!!

If Your Serious About Rocking with This SERIOUS Alliance of Entrepreneurs Click the Link Below!


Network Marketing Coach & Trainer

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