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My Best Friend

Seasons change

season change

Destroying a friendship because someone is “in” another mlm or joined one you dont like is the stupidest thing any networker can do! Seasons change, leaves change color, snow falls in some states and others it doesnt. Doesnt mean you hate people that live in cold climates because you live in a warm one.

Relationships are the cornerstone to building a network marketing legacy NO MATTER WHAT COMPANY SOMEONE MIGHT BE IN. If you treat them right with no motive in return, if their seasons change, you might just have 5 feet of snow drop in your town and its not white… Its Green with Benjamins attached! ‪


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My Best Friend

In Memory Of My Best Friend Cuba… R.I.P.

Sometimes we truly don’t realize how precious life is until it’s gone.  Today on March 27th I had to say goodbye to my loyal friend and pet Cuba. After 7 long and fun years it was truly a somber day in my life. I had no idea that I was going to be in another state receiving a phone call that would change the outlook of my whole life, which is the reason for this blog post. Everyday we wake up it’s a blessing no matter what’s going on in our life because we have air to breathe. Take a moment and tell someone, anyone close to you that you love them. You never know when Jehovah may decide to call them, so cherish everyday that you have with your love ones, whether their humans or pets. After being in Network Marketing for so long I never thought there would be a day that I wish I wasn’t doing a seminar meeting new people and making money. Well, that day came on March 27th and it will be a day that I will never forget. So, if your’e a loyal follower of me and my teachings, please tell someone that you love them today because I promise you that you will never want to feel like I am feeling as Im writing this post knowing you were not there to say goodbye.


We are all faced with death at some point in our life, just remember the good memories and keep moving forward. It’s very hard to do as I am trying right now without alot of luck. I hope everyone has a great day and shows some LOVE, it is needed in your life!!

R.I.P. Cuba, you will be missed too much;(

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