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Get Off Your Ass and Make Money Challenge!

Make Money Challenge

Today, Im initiating the “GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MAKE MONEY CHALLENGE!” It has some pretty simple rules.

1. Engage in money getting activities on Facebook instead of nonsense
2. Recognize Christmas is 16 Fridays away, gifts don’t appear without money
3. Help at least 1 person daily change their life
4. Don’t go to sleep until your “daily” money goal is hit
5. Send out a email DAILY no matter how big your list is
6. Delete “most” of the people you’re following and limit it to 2-3 max leaders
7. Read a book related to your niche
8. Count your money

Then rinse and repeat!! This challenge requires you to “dump” knowledge in your brain instead of water on your head. If you’re in network marketing, share this status as it may light a fire in your organization. And with that being said…


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Personal Development

Do You Hate Or Love This Video?

Whaz up internetland, today I want to have a little bit of fun. I was recording some videos over the weekend, and was so inspired by one of my favorite vids, that I had to do a repost about it. Now, most people that are on my blog are in Network Marketing or Internet Marketing so I want you to pay very close attention to this. Inside of this video, you will find some SERIOUS NUGGETS about success, SERIOUS. However, you must pay very close attention to it even if you have seen the video before. Inside of Network Marketing, it’s all about movements. It’s all about momentum. It’s all about unified success. It’s all about you and YOUR team winning. It’s about understanding timing and seizing the moment. Well, if this video doesn’t depict that for you, I don’t know what to tell you. However, the rabbit hole goes a little deeper…

What Do You Mean Ced??

Think about this. Inside of this video you will understand how a movement begins truly to the core. You will get to see how quickly a simple spark can ignite and entire scene of people in a matter of minutes. This spark which ignites into a sea of momentum inside of network marketing is how dream teams are built and united into an unstoppable force of nature. After you look at this video, ask yourself these questions.

What if you could replicate this video?

What if you could be around and help co-create this kind of momentum?

What if you were not scared like the 1st person you’re gonna see in the video?

Here’s a suggestion for ya…

Listen to the narrator very closely. His words are so profound that repeating them here on this blog will be a diservice. After watching this video closely, and really, really getting it, click on the link under it. This just might be your chance to help create and or be apart of one SERIOUSLY HUGE MOVEMENT!! It’s not by accident over 638 people have registered already, your turn!

So Why Would Some People Hate This Video?

I almost forgot;) You might be asking yourself that question. Think about it… When movements are created the people on the outside that are against it are always going to have something fun to say. Always going to waste time worrying about others than themselves. Be aware of the “movement haters” there are there lurking some with shades on if you know what I mean. Alright, here’s your video enjoy and listen extremely closely. YouTube Preview Image                             CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MOVEMENT THIS THURSDAY

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18 Minutes Of Truth…Do You Have Time?

“Stop sending me motivating emails… I don’t need to be motivated!!” Do you believe that I actually got a email like that? As a matter of fact, I got 2 in the past 2 weeks from 2 different people;) So, because I had 2 people tell me no more motivational blog post, here’s another 1 for ya!!!

Why This Isn’t Your Typical Blogpost…

If you have not been living under a rock, it’s probably safe to say that maybe you have read “The Secret” or watched the movie. Well, today– I want to bring you the man who almost every person on “The Secret” learned from, Earl Nightingale. The man that is responsible for influencing the lives of millions of people alive and not even born yet!!! I do want to give you a slight warning though… WATCH ALL 3 VIDEOS, IN VIDEO 3 YOU WILL KNOW WHY…

Why You Are Who You Are…

YouTube Preview Image

Never Conform To The Big Group…

YouTube Preview Image

Think With A Purpose…

YouTube Preview Image

I hope you got out of these videos as much as I did. And for those of you who are tired of motivational information, you might be on the wrong blog;) Before you are able to accomplish anything in your business, YOUR MIND MUST BE RIGHT— PERIOD, SPACE, SPACE.

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Personal Development

What If You Were This Persistent In Life…

As I watched this video and laughed, some real thoughts really hit my mind…

1. What would happen if you were this persistent at firing your boss?

2. What if you were this persistent at learning internet marketing?

3. What if you were this persistent in learning network marketing?

4. What if you were this persistent when it came to personal developement?

5.What would happen if you were this persistent in life, period?

It’s amazing what you can learn from a turkey. As you watch this video, think about the previous questions. I wish this turkey was in my downline!!!!!! YouTube Preview Image

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Personal Development

When Your’e Called Into The Game, What Will You Do?

It’s so beautiful to have this thing called life!!! Happy Superbowl Sunday to everyone, I hope it’s a safe and fun 1 for you. Staying along the theme of football, I wanted to give you 2 minutes of a video that really hits home. You see in life, we never know when it’s going to be our moment to step up and shine. When your moment comes, what will you do? YouTube Preview Image

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5 Years And No Day Off… Would You Sacrifice?

Hey internet land, today I wanted to write a blogpost about a topic that is near and dear to my heart… MONEY;) However, I want to talk to you about it in a different way today. You see, it’s February and April 15th is right around the corner where Uncle Sam will want his cut. As I was going thru some numbers last night, I was forced to look at my best financial year of my life, 2003. And as I looked at the numbers, I asked myself… “What the hell did I do different that year?” Well, 1st off I was in the right place at the right time being in the mortgage industry, but was it just that??

Was It Comittment?

I can remember distinctly sleeping 3 hours per day, working 7 days per week, and sometimes only going home once a week!! That was the price I had to pay in 2003 to attain the success that I achieved. The manager before me wasn’t willing to put in this type of committment which is why he was fired and replaced by someone who was!! That sacrifice in 2003 alone yielded over 750 million in loans, and our office broke every record in the company’s 67 year history.

Are You Willing?

Are you willing to put in the time for your business? Are you willing to sacrifice now so your kids can have a better future? Are you willing to work longer hours now, so you don’t have to work at all in the future? ARE YOU WILLING TO COMMIT TO YOUR FUTURE?? Before you answer that question, check out this video from Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps! YouTube Preview Image

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So What Do You Do When You Fall Down…

This is a truly powerful video, 1 that needs no intro. Just watch… YouTube Preview Image

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Do You Believe??

Napoleon Hill has affected million of lives all over the world with his inspirational words and wisdom. I strongly urge you to pay attention to this video as I know to be fact that it is the absolute TRUTH– PERIOD, SPACE, SPACE!! Im putting this post out pretty late in the afternoon, but after listening to a prospect who was completely focused on what he didn’t have, I had to put this out now. I hope you see this blogpost J****, this is for you;) YouTube Preview Image

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What If We Really Thought Like This… Imagine The Power!!!

Anytime I see videos like this from Will I tend to tremble. Trying to write anything before this video I truly feel will take away from the power of this video. Check it out, it’s DEEEEEEPPPPPP…..YouTube Preview Image

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Are You Running A Marathon Or A Sprint In Your MLM?

Last night I spoke to a new rep of a particular MLM company that stated he wasn’t getting any results. When I asked him how long he was in his business he simply stated, “1 month.” Now, what’s interesting about that is he has only been in his business 1 month, 1 month!! As human beings we have been conditioned, and unfortunately we have been conditioned the wrong way. You see, when you were in elementary school you did something for 8 hours and 5 years to get a result. Then you went to middle school for 8 hours and 3 years to get a result. Then off to high school for 8 hours for 4 years to get a result. Lastly, you went to college for 8 hours per day and 4 years and WALLA, you have another result.

Do you see a trend here??

The conditioning that we have had imbedded in our minds and spirits for so long can sometimes cloud our thinking. Network Marketing is about running a marathon, not a sprint. You must consistently do little things everyday for a consistent time. It’s not 8 hours per day for upteen years, it’s consistent effort over time that leads to the results. For some people it may be fast. For some it may be slow. However, the result is the same, now isn’t it?

So what happens when you run a marathon instead of a sprint?

Your muscles are conditioned better. Your mind understands that the goal is to FINISH THE RACE, period, space, space!! The difference between this marathon and your typical marathon is very interesting though… No one rooting you on, passing you water, running along side of you. Oh no, there are the “crabs in the bucket” telling you “your’e nutz, that doesn’t work.” “Get a real job like everyone else.” “Stop chasing rainbows.”

Sound familiar?

If you have been in this game long enough you get that everyday…. UNTIL YOU FINISH THE RACE;) You see, as you’re running this marathon your eyes are on the end result. Now while all the haters don’t want you to finish, you must stay focused. You must continue to pace yourself and keep running. You must ignore all those “crabs” and truly remember WHY you are running. If you follow this to the T, your results will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND!!!! I have been lucky enough to be running this marathon for a while and I must admit I haven’t reached the finish line yet. However, along the way there a quite a few checks being picked up as I run this marathon… There are alot of banks on every corner when you are running the MLM Marathon;) Check out this video below about running a marathon in your MLM, I think it may hit home for you. Happy Watching….

YouTube Preview Image
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