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Take Your Time

take your time

1. Running like a Cheetah in MLM doesn’t work. Breaking records mean NOTHING. This is about a team, not you. Cheetahs tire out and if you want to build a legacy you work steady not try to run super fast. If you do, you will just leave ALOT of dead bodies around that may have been someone if you paid attention to them.

2. Everything rises and falls on Leadership. You heard it in the Art Williams video, you heard it from John Maxwell, and you see it in every company in the world. Without the right leadership, good luck.

3. I only know 1 person in the entire world of network marketing that is the #1 income earner and the #1 recruiter… 1. Top earners in this industry don’t sponsor 500-1000 plus people, how do you train that many people? You can’t. How do you develop relationships with that many personals, you can’t. How do you build in depth with that many personals, you can’t.

4. If youre smart enough to combine online WITH offline, you can build a dynasty. I don’t know 1 person in the entire network marketing world that has built a successfull (keyword being succesful) network marketing business via 100% the internet. You have to build relationships with these people you meet online if you want to build a legacy. Now if you just want to sell affiliate products, thats different. But if youre BUILDING a network marketing business, it will take both.

5. You don’t have a business if you dont have customers. Let me repeat that. YOU DONT HAVE A BUSINESS IF YOU DON’T HAVE CUSTOMERS. You will not build a true residual income on just recruiting alone. Recruiting will ultimately slow down in EVERY organization so you need to make sure you have a sustainable customer model at the same time. As reps quit, “which some will NO MATTER WHAT COMPANY YOURE IN” if you have customers, they will stick. Just because a rep quit, doesn’t mean the customer quit with them.

I have never seen a call happen with a leader that went to another company who had 50 leaders and 300 customers on the same call saying he or she was moving to another company, it doesn’t happen.

Now I could get deeper, but I really don’t need to tonight. This is the beauty of stepping out of the picture frame for 7 months when youre the picture to be able to see some of these things. So with that, understand when you surround yourself around professionals that know these facts, your life will change. ‪


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