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Get Off Your Ass and Make Money Challenge!

Make Money Challenge

Today, Im initiating the “GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MAKE MONEY CHALLENGE!” It has some pretty simple rules.

1. Engage in money getting activities on Facebook instead of nonsense
2. Recognize Christmas is 16 Fridays away, gifts don’t appear without money
3. Help at least 1 person daily change their life
4. Don’t go to sleep until your “daily” money goal is hit
5. Send out a email DAILY no matter how big your list is
6. Delete “most” of the people you’re following and limit it to 2-3 max leaders
7. Read a book related to your niche
8. Count your money

Then rinse and repeat!! This challenge requires you to “dump” knowledge in your brain instead of water on your head. If you’re in network marketing, share this status as it may light a fire in your organization. And with that being said…


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