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Good Monday to everyone in internet land. No better way to start your week off than to have a multi-millionaire put some nugetts in your ear right? Well, today we have just that for you. Tonight at 9pm est, I have the great Marshall Sylver on a webinar and he will be sharing some serious knowledge that will propel your bank account. Click the link below and join us tonight, you won’t be dissapointed!!

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WWMD, What Does That Really Mean??

Hey internet land, it’s a beautiful Thursday morning and a great day to give you another juicy blog post;) 2 months ago I was in Las Vegas, Nevada with a good friend of mine, mentor, and multi-millioniare Marshall Sylver. If you don’t know who Marshall is, let me enlighten you really quick. Marshall Sylver is a world-renown hypnotist and master of interpersonal communication, who has been harnessing the power of the human mind since he was a child. On TV, Marshall has educated and entertained audiences through his hypnotic expertise on The Late Show with David Letterman, Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, Dr. Joy Browne, Donny & Marie, Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams, and The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, where he used the power of influence to have the host eat fire. It’s his appearances on David Letterman where he’s received worldwide attention. Sylver has appeared on David Letterman an unprecedented five times. His appearances were so popular that his segments were extended and bumped Letterman’s famous Top Ten List.

So what does this mean to you??

Even though he’s has been in entertainment for over 40 years, Marshall is the absolute best at subconscious reprogramming and creating millionaires. He has a 6th sense of being able to help average people overcome money, personal, relationship, and all sorts of issues that me be going on. I have been lucky enough to be able to attend his Turning Point seminar which has got to be the best personal development seminar I have ever been too, PERIOD!!!!! I witnessed people in my organization doing things like eating fire and overcoming their fears which has literally changed the lives of some of these people. Never in my wildest days I thought I would eat fire, well I did it!!!!—— and below is the proof…

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty Crazy Huh??

Not only did I do it, but every single person in that room ate fire. Now eating fire is no small task and there was no trickery with that camera like my mom thought;) Marshall is known as the Millionaire-maker and has sold over 200 million dollars worth of products!!! Not only that, he has his own radio show called “Get Rich Radio” where he gives away 2k cash EVERY SINGLE DAY JUST FOR LISTENING!! Im giving you this information about Marshall for 1 reason… Im going to have him live next week on a webinar!!! If a multi-millionaire who has proven to make others millionaires wanted to share some nuggetts with you for 30 min, would you listen?? Im gonna assume that question is a pretty dum 1, because if you said no, there’s probably a good chance you can’t spell entrepreneur;)

So, what does WWMD really mean anyway??

It stands for “What Would Marshall Do.” I was given a hat that has those initials on it at the last Turning Point I attended. It reminds me all the time what would a multi-millionaire do in certain positions that I am put in on a regular basis. Not only does this hat make me money, but Marshall has assisted me greatly in adding a more than 5 figures to my bank account in less than 48 hours!! Now, Im going to give you the same opportunity. On Monday night, October 25th at 9pm est, Im going to have Marshall on a live webinar that you don’t want to miss. We will be offering a very, very, special prize at the end of this webinar so make sure you attend. All I can say is this… “If a multi-millionaire is willing to teach you something, clear the wax out of your ears and listen!”

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Marshall Sylver Shows How to Recession Proof Your Life at the Turning Point Event

A lot of people were calling and emailing about missing last weeks special webinar with Marshall Sylver… where you have the opportunity to join me as a special guest for the Turning Point Event in Las Vegas, NV on Sept 18th and 19th, 2010. Everyone was shocked at how much value they received.

A man with over $150 Million in career sales, who is known as the “Millionaire Maker” and has helped contribute to the creation of over 1 Billion in Revenue for his students… do you think you could learn a thing or two from him?

What if you had the power to make every customer ASK YOU for what you’re selling, and make them think it was their idea?

What if you could influence any person in any situation to change the end game to your benefit?

To Recession Proof your life RIGHT NOW, you need to learn how to sell. You need to MASTER sales. Watch this video and make sure to register for our Free Training webinar tonight with Marshall Sylver at 9PM EST.

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Cedrick Harris is UNSTOPPABLE After Eating FIRE with Marshall Sylver!

There are no trick cameras or team of special effects editors on the sidelines. This is real, burning hot, FIRE. There are no stunt doubles in this video! Marshall Sylver literally teaches you the core skills to literally be UNSTOPPABLE. If you’re thinking, “I could never do that” you need to ask yourself this…. “What would I do to be a Millionaire?” “Am I willing to face my fears? Am I willing to do the unthinkable? Do I have the desire, or do I have excuses?” Marshall Sylver is known as the MILLIONAIRE MAKER. Why? Because he shows you exactly how to get rid of the destructive thought process that is currently holding you back from ever hitting 7 Figures. He shows you exactly how to reprogram your subconscious to get rid of the negative programming and allow you to completely BELIEVE that you already are a Millionaire.

After you watch this video, and you feel the power in that room…. Click the link below the video and get your seat locked in for TONIGHT at 9pm EST. Where the Millionaire Maker himself, Mr. Marshall Sylver appears live on our Training Webinar to give you some tools you can use TODAY to help you get to your First Million.

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POWER = Eating Fire with NO FEAR.

Not only did I earn a large paycheck this weekend, by simply putting people on the path to their First Million…. BUT the personal breakthroughs were phenomenal as well. People often ask what do I have to do to be a Millionaire… but it is just as important to ask what do I need to STOP doing. This weekend gave Team Takeover the exact blueprint from the Millionaire Maker himself, Marshall Sylver. If you missed your Turning Point this past weekend, do not worry because there is another one coming up in September. Also for details on Your First Million this month in Orlando… shoot me an email at

Check this video out though, when I say Power… I mean POWER. Wow, what an experience!

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Turning Point + Las Vegas = BIG $$$

After 2 Days in Vegas for the Marshall Sylver Turning Point event… not only did my top Leaders in my team walk away with an entirely knew Mindset, and the BEST Power of Influence Training in the industry, BUT the paycheck at the end of it all was nothing to sneeze at.

So we were able to expand our minds, grow our ability to Influence and Cold Read, learn how to reprogram our minds, and become lethal weapons in this industry… AND GET PAID. Wow. It didn’t require me to step on stage, say a word, or sell anything…. but simply give people exactly what they need. The skill set and the tools to create their First Million in ANY industry, ANY business, for ANY one.

The select Marketers that attended ALL spoke about their Break Throughs at this event. Do you think if you could change your programming to think like a Millionaire… and Influence people to get exactly what you want… that would help you in what you’re doing??

Watch this video now and see how Turning Point + Las Vegas = Big $$$

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Gazillionaire Marshall Sylver on Cedrick’s Harris SURPRISE Conference Call

sylverIt’s happening tonight. Marshall Sylver, the legendary Wealth Educator, and Multi-Multi Millionaire is making an extremely special appearance on my conference call tonight. Why is this call so special? First of how many Gazillionaires have you networked with? How many are on your speed dial?Marshall Sylver’s Turning Point event can range anywhere from $2000-$5000 a seat. So this is NOT a call you want to miss. Plus Marshall is going to blow your mind with value and really make you THINK about where your future is headed.

We only have 500 lines… and NO BACKUP LINE.

So get on there early if you’re serious about kicking things up a notch and plugging into REAL Mentors that have the results you want! This Call WILL Max Out!

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